Sunday, June 12, 2011

weekly favorites

Apparently, I'm not so much into color lately. But can you blame me when these adorable, neutral outfits are popping up?

1. Transient Withdrawal - I love the simplicity of this outfit and the lovely accessories. Jasmine's sandals are so cute!

2. HollyDolly - What a great pair of shorts! I love the color combination of this outfit, as well as the great hat.

3. Girl and Closet - The pop of color of Veronika's shoes against the neutral floral dress is wonderful. Another great hat, too!

4. The Clothes Horse - A great dress and a denim jacket is a tried and true pairing that I've been itching to try out myself. I'm all about summery outfits that don't look like you're about to head out on the beach.

Check back for an outfit post tomorrow and some pictures of Niagara Falls!


  1. They are all great outfits! I love the cute hats in #2 and 3! -Rachel (

  2. My favorite looks this summer are all neutrals as well! I adore both Jasmine and Rebecca's outfit. :)


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