Saturday, October 16, 2010

long time no post

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing Grace Potter and the Nocturnals at the Orange Peel (which is a great venue, I can't wait to go back for Cold War Kids in December) and I was so impressed. I'd honestly never heard them and the only real reason I went was because I had a free ticket from a friend who wanted someone to go with him, but I'm so glad I went. They had so much energy and soul and passion, it was amazing to watch.

And Grace Potter? She is a goddess (of both music and fashion.) Her voice is incredible and her presence on stage more than filled up the room. When the music started, she came out on stage dancing in a short white dress with ruffles, a thick belt, and a sequined black cardigan. She stripped the cardigan after the first song and let me tell you, I fell in love with her dress. It had choice robe style sleeves that flowed beautifully as she moved on stage. It wasn't until near the end of the set that I realized all of the dancing? She did in four inch heels. I have never wanted to be someone more in my life. I think we'd all be lucky if we had just a portion of her talent and confidence.

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