Sunday, October 31, 2010

i was hoping someday

Since I'm not doing anything on this (unfortunately lovely) Sunday other than writing papers and thus have no need to throw together a cute outfit, I thought I would share some of my favorite jewelry pieces.

This vintage necklace probably makes an appearance in my outfits at least once a week, not only because I have a limited supply of necklaces, but because it's fantastic. I acquired it through some sad circumstances- last year we had to move my grandmother from the regular portion of her nursing home to the Alzheimer's wing where she would receive more care. We had to get rid of a lot of her stuff as the room was much smaller. So after Christmas dinner, my cousins and everyone crowded into our basement and we sorted through the jewelry and photo albums and had a nice time bonding. I picked out this necklace, the one below, a pair of earrings that have since disappeared, and a pin with my grandmother and (deceased) grandfather's pictures.

 This necklace, as I stated above, came from my grandmother. It's actually a pin attached to a simple silver chain, but it's gorgeous, isn't it? I love crosses and when I spotted this in my grandmother's jewelry, I knew I had to have it.

This is my initial necklace, which was a graduation present from someone I love dearly. You can't really tell because of the lighting, but my initials are ERK. It's a piece I don't get to wear often because it doesn't really fit in with my wardrobe, but I love wearing it because of the sentiment behind it.

I just got this ring about two weeks ago and I've worn it at least a dozen times since. I love that it's simple but also interesting. I ordered it through a Premiere Designs jewelry party at the beginning of August so by the time I got it earlier this month, I'd nearly forgotten about it and it was such a big improvement to my wardrobe blues.

This was my first foray into statement rings and while I don't wear it much, it's still one of my favorite pieces because it's so fun! It's a great piece to add to an otherwise boring outfit.

A note about my rings: I wear all of my rings, excluding those that are stretchy like the black one pictured above, on the index finger of my left hand for two reasons. One, because I'm in between sizes in terms of ring size and I have a difficult time finding rings that fit my ring finger. And two, because up until it broke about two weeks ago, I had a nazar bracelet I basically never took off and I hated wearing a ring on the same hand as my bracelet. I'm looking for another simple nazar bracelet right not but the one I wore I'd purchased at a Greek festival two years ago so I doubt I will find one identical. :(

And another note about my nails: I just realized this, but as it might be obvious, I have tiny unfortunate nails due to the fact that I'm a compulsive nail biter. I also chew off my nail polish which means the color changes almost every other day. I coincidentally have the same color on from my last post!


  1. I completely adore the first necklace you got that was your grandmother's. It's gorgeous and has so much meaning. Pure vintage.

  2. I completely adore the first necklace you got that was your grandmother's. It's gorgeous and has so much meaning. Pure vintage.


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