Monday, November 15, 2010

six days at the bottom of the ocean

Today has not been a great day. It's cold and rainy outside, my outfit refused to photograph well, and I'm still enduring a headache I've had for nearly a week now. Can it just be Harry Potter premiere time and Thanksgiving? To cheer myself up, I'm blasting the heat and listening to some Explosions in the Sky, as well as catching up on some TV. How great is the new episode of Misfits?

I decided, in lieu of an outfit, I'd show you guys some things I'm digging for Christmas. I've been told that my family doesn't do Christmas like other families. We're not really secretive our gifts at all and last year I even ordered my own present (a pair of Toms) from my parents because they're computer inept. But when it comes to my extended family, my aunt likes to get an idea from us of what we'd like, but surprise us with our final present. I'm sending her this to show her what type of clothes I'm into at the moment.

Sweet as Jam Dress at Modcloth
Felted Wool Mini at J. Crew
Confetti Heart Dress at Forever 21
Crinkled Plaid Scarf at Forever 21

 As you can see, I'm loving prints and more neutral colors right now. Putting this together made me want to go shopping, but I currently have eight dollars in my bank account and, obviously more importantly than money to shop, I need to buy some food and my Harry Potter tickets, but I hate asking my parents for money. So goes the life of a poor college student.

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