Sunday, November 7, 2010

there's a fork in the road

Jasmine at Transient Withdrawal, Keiko Lynn at Keiko Lynn, Jessica at What I Wore, and  Julie at Orchid Grey

The weather has taken a chilly turn (it was 29 degrees with wind chill at the bus stop last night and Alex and I were freezing!) here in Asheville and thought the temperature is supposed to go back up, I'm excited for the endless possibilities of colored tights. (For the record, I deem anything not black colored!) These are four looks I'm going to be drawing a lot of inspiration from in the next few months as I deal with cold temperatures. 

As I mentioned in my last post, I'm looking for a few more pairs to add to my collection. My mom went to Kohl's this weekend to pick up some tights for me (thanks, Mom!) and she grabbed a pair of purple tights in addition to some new black ones. I can't wait to combine them with this gorgeous floral dress I'll be wearing tomorrow (with black tights, unfortunately! And I lost my pair without holes, which leaves me down to the ripped pair you saw in my last post.) 

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