Friday, March 25, 2011

weekly inspiration

 So I know I missed last week, but it was due to the crazy amount of astronomy homework I had to finish, which isn't to say I don't I have a crazy amount of astronomy homework to finish today (I do) but my earliest class was canceled today! Blog time!

So, I didn't realize when I was picking out my favorites for this week that I paired them in a semi-themed way! The top two outfits both feature tights, while the bottom two are rocking the bare legs. The weather is going a bit crazy lately (though I'm saying damn the weather as you'll find out in my outfit post later today) so it's not quite time for me to give up my tights.

1. Orchid Grey - I have a pair of leopard flats and I've been too afraid to wear them with anything besides black. I love the way that Julie mixes patterns in this outfit (and who am I kidding, I love the way she mixes patterns all the time.) I'm thinking I need a striped dress in my life.

2. bow ties are cool - While I love this entire outfit (especially the panels on her shirt), Meg's hat is just the icing on an adorable cake. 

3. Kendi Everyday - I love how pleated skirts are popping up all over the blogging world and I really love the way Kendi styled hers. I popped over to the Payless site to look at the shoes she's wearing and most people seem to think they're terribly uncomfortable, so even more props to her for wearing them anyway!

4. calivintage - Fun fact: I love birds and bird cages, something that I probably got from my aunt, who collects them. Erin's skirt, therefore, is like my dream skirt. I love the bow shirt and espadrilles paired with it.

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  1. A;LKSJDF!!! How did I miss this? GIRL, you make me die of happy inside. ;A; <333


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