Friday, April 1, 2011

weekly favorites

1. the other emily - I love this outfit. The fox tee, the color of the skirt, her jewelry, the socks with the oxfords- I love it!

2. The Clothes Horse - So, I go back and forth with my opinions on denim jackets. Sometimes, I feel like it just looks dated, but then other times, as with Rebecca's outfit, I love it. Perhaps its the combination of denim and floral, but there's something really great about this simple outfit.

3. blushing ambition - I don't even like the beach, but I'm already looking forward to some outfit pictures on the beach when my family heads off for vacation this summer. I love the combination of lace, a long cardigan, black boots, and a cute tote.

4. Jen Loves Kev - If there's one look I will always love, it's the school girl 
look. I love the sweater over Jen's plaid dress and the oxfords. 

Check back next week for more looks!


  1. The girls look so amazing. The cardigan in the first picture makes me wish I had the same one:)

  2. blushing ambition was one of my favorites too! Lovely blog :) follow each other? Let me know!

  3. WOW. I am so in love with your blog! I'll definitely be your newest follower! And stop by mine if you please -- we can follow one another if you fancy : ] Cheers!

  4. Eee, I love these looks! Rebecca's floral dress + denim jacket combo is perfect!


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