Friday, April 8, 2011

weekly favorites

There's no real theme to this week's favorite looks aside from simplicity. Today was the most humid day we had to date and in jeans and a cardigan, I was dying. All I want are some pretty dresses and cute shoes. 

1. DearBeatrice - The thing I always appreciate about Beatrice's outfits are the attention to detail. Though her dress and flats might be simple, the gorgeous bag and her jewelry keep it interesting. The bunny ring is adorable.

2. flattery - I love the green color of Breanne's dress is gorgeous! I love the wedges she paired it with.

3. blushing ambition - I love the pairing of a gingham shirt with Annabel's pleated skirt. I still need that tote bag in my life.

4. calivintage - The colors in Erin's outfit are divine. I was just checking out a pair of red flats the same day she posted this outfit and it basically cemented my need to have money right now.

I'll hopefully be posting sometime this weekend if the weather isn't as rainy as the weather's predicting, stay tuned!

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