Friday, April 29, 2011

weekly favorites

Hi everyone! I probably won't be able to take any outfit pictures or anything until at least Tuesday, but most likely Wednesday after I've moved back to Winston-Salem. I'm in full exam mode, so I doubt anyone would want to see my outfits anyway!

1. Postcards From - I love Kate's daring pink pants. As I mentioned last week, I really want a pair of bright pants myself, but I'm definitely not going to look as good as Kate does here.

2. Raspberry and Red - Weronika's drapey outfit looks so comfy. She's a repeat from last week where I loved her use of yellow and black and here I am fawning over it again.

3. Po mojej stronie lustra -  I found this girl through Teen Vogue's Fashion Click and I wanted to pin her entire blog to my Pinterest. I love Maddy's polka dots in this Easter outfit.

4. Orchid Grey - Julie is a pro at thrifting and this outfit shows. I love the professional vibe of a blazer paired with relaxed jean shorts.

Also, I have a formspring! Hit me up if you have any questions. I'm off to go see Fast Five. My  boyfriend had to bribe me with "one gay musical and one episode of Doctor Who." Tomorrow he's in for a treat with Were the World Mine (the gay musical he was referring to because I've been trying to get him to watch it with me for the longest time) and the first Doctor Who two parter of this season. I can't wait!

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  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one that adored Kate's pink pants! All four of your picks are spectacular. I approve. Not that you needed my approval. (:


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