Tuesday, April 19, 2011

bratty b

I'm having major closet cognitive dissonance. What I imagine is a closet full of pastels, lace, and chambray but all that exists in my closet are dark, wintery clothes. I just feel lost when I get dressed in the morning, which means I probably won't be taking any outfit pictures until this weekend when I get home. My fingers are itching to go on an online shopping spree but since I just ordered a pair of shoes impulsively the other day, I know I should limit myself. So instead of window shopping or anything like that, you'll be getting a lot of inspirational posts this week. I'm sorry in advance.

I did one of these music posts before when I saw Grace Potter, but I felt the urge to do one again for Best Coast on my third replay of "Crazy For You" today. 

Best Coast is a band fronted by Bethany Cosentino, who writes all of the band's songs. While none of the songs really contain an abundance of depth (all of the songs are about Bethany's cat, her boyfriend, or weed.) I saw someone once compare her to Taylor Swift in that if T. Swizzle represents adolescence, Best Coast represents the stage after that, where you just want to be lazy and hang out. It's perfect spring/summer pop music.


  1. No worries, we always have closet dissonance at some point. I'll be waitin' for more outfits! :D And yay for music recs! I'm totally gonna check out this band, I'm excited! <3

  2. Oh yay, I hope you like them!

    And on a more sad note, did you hear about Elisabeth Sladen? SO SAD :(

  3. I love Best Coast! I live in a small college town in CA and they came to perform at my school about 6 months ago, which was exciting not only because they were amazing, but because bands never come here- I usually have to drive at least an hour to see anything good! :)

  4. Oh, I thought that that comment would link to my blog. In case you would like to see, it is elluminated.blogspot.com

  5. Oh, you're so lucky that you got to see Best Coast!

    I like your style! I'm following you now.


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