Friday, April 22, 2011

weekly favorites

Guess where I'm posting from? Winston-Salem! Yep, I'm home again for Easter and it feels good.

1. Kendi Everyday - A few years ago, I had a pair of bright blue skinny jeans that I adored, but eventually had to trade with a skinnier, less hip-y male friend. The colored pant trend seemed to die down in the years following but all of a sudden recently, I found myself wanting that pair back. I love Kendi's colored pants and the checkered shirt paired with them. Gorgeous!

2. Raspberry and Red - I love the combination of black-and-white stripes and mustard. When I get my late birthday present of a mustard skirt from my sister this weekend, this is a pairing I'm going to try.

3. Orchid Grey - I love Julie's rainy day gear. The striped dress with the bow belt, the sandals, the adorable umbrella- it all makes me want to idk, spin around in the rain or something!
4. Transient Withdrawal - Jasmine's shorts are basically perfect, as are her sandals and the adorable bow tie.


  1. I love that she's wearing a bow tie! How perfectly sweet.

  2. thanks for the comment, luv!
    lets keep in touch... i'm following you now.
    followed back?

  3. GREAT PICKS. Thes egirls are way adorable. I love all the colour blocking going on! They brighten up any day! LOVE!


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